Easy Easter Egg Nail Art How To!

Hi everyone, it's time for the 2013 Easter Egg mani. For this look I wanted beautiful pastels and what better collection to use than the butter London 2013 Spring collection (despite the fact it's autumn/fall here :-) 4 of the colours made for a simple yet beautiful Easter egg nail art:

Butter London have 6 spring shades out and while I originally bought the purple, pink and yellow, I just had to have the mint green and some others... but here we have the four used in the look above, all prettied up with my new Easter decor from Bed Bath and Table:

No filters have been applied in the first nail art image at the top of this post so use that as your guide. I would swatch but I have eggs on my nails ;-) The pink is called Fruit Machine. Hmm is that related to the Neopets Fruit Machine I wonder (which I WON this week after 10 years of playing, hmph I mean yay?) The yellow is called Jasper, the purple Molly-Coddled and the mint green is called Fiver. Beautiful opaque cremes but I would say that the yellow needs a white base if being painted over another colour.

Step 1: Paint your base colour. I chose Molly-Coddled, the purple because I love purple, no other reason! It applied beautifully opaque in two coats. Cleaned up really nicely too. Can't say that about all polishes.

Step 2: Draw a white base in a half egg shape. Ideally use a small nail art brush (or even a mini polish brush) to draw the outline and fill with your regular paint brush.

Step 3: Repeat step 2 but leaving a small white border to make the yellow pop a bit more. Also, the yellow wasn't as opaque as the other colours and needed a white base to really bring out the yellow. But you could choose any colour as your egg colour.

Step 4: Take a small nail art brush and draw short zigzags or continuous Ms from one side of the egg to the other. Somewhere in the middle ideally, mine were a bit too high up I think. I chose The pink for the top zigzag. Fruit Machine is beautiful, I really need to wear it on its own.

Step 5: Repeat step 4 just under the first zigzag with another colour. I choose the mint green Fiver.

Step 6: Use the large end of the dotting tool to dot below and above the zigzags. The last step is to switch to the smaller end of the dotting tool and fill with your desired colours. I went pink on top and mint green on bottom, ties it all together nicely. And that is it!

And lastly we have my Easter haul. Please someone hide my credit card, Bed Bath and Table had 50% off their Easter range and I got a few things :-) They are actually for my wedding next year! The eggs were the only real Eastery thing I bought, the rest were just pretty and pink. Of course there are some new OPIs (I needed a new Alpine Snow and I bought a full size of Don't Burst My Bubble as I plan to use it for my wedding day). Aaaand I bought two new season Pandora charms, sigh.

Well I hope you enjoyed the post and hope you have a wonderful Easter long weekend! Until next time...

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