Easter Bunny with Carrots nail art!

I'm feeling inspired this Easter so I decided to go for an orange look for my first Easter mani. And what is orange? Carrots! Yes, I decided to upgrade from my previous silly carrot nail art and go with a more, er, respectable look. Ha I do not know it was midnight ;-)

I wasn't originally planning on painting bunnies, I quite liked the half carrot look I finished with late last night:

But I have some spare time this week so I decided to continue on with bunnies!

Then I just drew the outline/silhouette of bunnies and I really liked THAT look but I have this incessant need to draw eyes on things ;-)

Which is why I added some pink ears/feet and drew a small face. Not the best face I've done but still super cute. Well I hope you enjoyed this look and I'll see you next time!

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Write by: Dj Donk - Sunday, March 24, 2013

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