China Glaze Crackle Fault Line swatches and new Pandora goodies!

I recently ordered one of the China Glaze crackle polishes - Fault Line. It's a gorgeous purple shimmer. I was hesitant to order anymore 'crackle/shatter' polishes after the trouble I had with the OPI Black Shatter but the purple called to me :-) So here we have Fault Line:

And the little card attached has instructions in three different languages:

Basically you need to wait until the base coat dries. Otherwise it's going to be a gooey mess. I decided to go with OPI Coronation DS as a base coat. Silver and purple - can't go wrong right? And it turned out gorgeous:

It is matte until you put the top coat on but I wanted to show you both. I mangled the ring finger but it still turned out pretty. But again, I love purple and am biased so I'm going to put that out there :-D Swatch with top coat shown below (which clears up said mangled nail):

I love this effect in purple. Black was very harsh but purple gives it a whole new look. I feel the formula was different to OPI but the more you use it the more it's going to dry up the top of your bottle and be hard to screw the lid back on. Shatter/Crackle dries incredibly fast. I had heard that Fault Line is the 'thickest' of the China Glaze crackles so I used a very thin layer for the swatches above. I'm wondering whether or not I need anymore of the crackles. I was very temped to get the pink one... but am still undecided. Will it be as pretty? On a side note I visited Pandora recently:

It's the bf's mum's birthday soon so I picked up a charm for her bracelet. Then as I was looking at all the charms I spotted one that I fell in love with. So of course I needed a bracelet to start my own charm bracelet. I'm such a sucker for cute miniature things :-| This is what I picked up for myself:

A standard clasp silver bracelet (which is a royal pain to open - do I need the clasp opener?!) with a silver oxidized Cancer charm. The product description says it's black but it comes off more blue in real life if you can tell above. I love it. I'm thinking silver and purple charms would be really pretty as a theme for the bracelet. I would love a gold one too but I'm holding off on buying the expensive gold bracelet until my USA trip in August. I think it's a bit cheaper overseas (if the dollar stays strong). Do any of you lovelies collect Pandora charms/have a completed bracelet? I would love ideas :-) Well that's all I have for now, I hope you enjoyed and until next time...

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Write by: Dj Donk - Tuesday, February 22, 2011

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