Goodbye Victoria and Jessica

Hi Everyone

It's been a big year for the Easy-Nail Art so far - launching the blog, our enormous Giveaway, a nail art contest .... not forgetting all those monthly challenges.

We usually find that not everyone can participate every month.  Let's face it, life happens.  So, whether it's been because of marriage, moving house, illness, changing jobs ... that's why you don't always see everyone posting every month.

Sometimes you realise that life needs more of your time, and so today we say goodbye to 2 of our founding members, for very different reasons.

 Victoria Manicurator has been one of my best nail buddies for a LONG time.  We're a similar age, both mothers, started blogging at a similar time ... For Victoria though, life has become more demanding this year, and as she's also one of the world's top swatchers, something had to give.  Sadly for us, that was DD.   Here are some of her amazing manis - 

Jessica BeautyGnome was special from the start. The only one of us with an actual "beauty" blog rather than a nail blog, it was always hard for Jess to squeeze us in, but she did.  Some months, her DD posts were the only nail posts on her blog, and you can see how eventually that can mean decisions have to be made.  Still, I'll always have a soft spot for her, because she always does her manis the other way round to everyone else!  Her top is my bottom so to speak :)  Here are some of her best :)

Thank you both so much for your contributions and making the DD so special.  Losing 2 members isn't easy, especially in a tight knit group, but we have some awesome new faces to light your way, and you can see them for the very first time on 14th April.

In the meantime, lots of love, and don't forget to go and vote for your favourite in our Easter Nail Art Contest :)

Crumpet x

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Write by: Dj Donk - Friday, April 4, 2014

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