MoYou Stamping Plates and Giveaway Reminder

Hi Goddesses

Have you entered our amazing GIVEAWAY yet??  If you have, you know MoYou are one of the amazing sponsors.  And if you haven't yet encountered MoYou and wishlisted ALL their stamping plates, we thought we'd give you a little look at how some of the Easy-Nail Art have been loving MoYou over the last few months.  Enjoy! xx

Landscape Collection 01

Landscape Collection 05

MoYou Mother Nature Collection plate 05 ~ filled in roses with the Rescue Beauty Gomm collection (Mother Nature plates also called Landcape plates)

Artist Collection 09

Pro 04

Pro Collection 05

Pro Collection 07

This fun half moon mani was stamped with a heart image from Moyou London Princess Plate 14:

This look uses a doodle image from Moyou London Princess Plate 11:

Princess Collection 12

Sailor 04

Sailor 05

Kitty 11

MoYou Suki Collection 01 ~ Cherry Blossoms with the stamping decal method using Zoya and Color Club nail polishes

MoYou Suki Collection plate 01 ~ Waves and little fish with Zoya Dream and Pure Ice Pussycat

This holiday manicure below was stamped with images from Moyou London Festive Plate 01:

Here is another use for the Moyou London Festive Plate 01:

Missy of Gnarly Gnails here.
MoYou is without question my favorite brand for stamping now.
These have such fun and unique designs and are always keeping it fresh with new stuff all the time!
Here are a handful of momanicures I have done using their plates, and there are still so many plates I own that I haven't even unwrapped yet!

Canadian Nail Fanatic has found herself drawn to these designs - 

Thanks MoYou - we love you xx

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Write by: Dj Donk - Thursday, January 23, 2014

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