Choccy Gingerbread Men Nail Art!

Hi everyone! I don't know where the weekend went but as always it was too short! I ended up painting my nails with choccy gingerbread men on Sunday afternoon, they are the yummiest kind!

I actually started painting my nails with MAC Hangin' Loose with the intention of drawing holly but I don't know what happened, I just wasn't feeling it. I must have been hungry instead!

Anyway, to do these gingerbread men I started with a smart nail art brush and a drew the outline in OPI Alpine Snow.

Then I filled with Essie Mink Muffs with the same brush.

Then using an Orly dotting tool (the small dotting end) I dotted the eyes.

Then with the same nail art brush as earlier, I drew the mouth and the little bow tie outline.

Then I dotted the eyes lightly with the brush in black, filled the bow ties with green (Essie Pretty Edgy) and dotted two buttons. And for some reason drew a gingerbread house on my thumb :-P Some days I feel like drawing random things.

These were my inspiration! Well not exactly, Gloria Jeans ran out of the actual gingerbread men shaped gingerbread treats so I got choccy gingerbread trees instead. SO DELICIOUS.

I parted with the orange one to give to the bf and consumed this within seconds ;-D Yummy!

And completely off topic, I was watching Thanksgiving YouTube videos and I kept hearing about candied yams. And I was just sitting there thinking what are yams?! I googled and discovered some candied yam recipes (i.e. sweet potatoes). I must admit, the recipe sounded very strange to me. Sweet potato covered in butter, sugar and marshmallows? Then again I cannot judge, I come from Australia - the land of Vegemite :-D So I was willing to give it a try! I can't say we get ours 'yams' in a can so I boiled and mashed some sweet potatoes.

I have no idea how they are meant to look, taste or anything but this is how mine turned out. I had to google whether or not you eat them hot or cold. Google said either but after trying both I prefer cold. Either I grew accustomed to the taste and that's why cold seemed nicer or it really WAS nicer, I don't know. But something about marshmallows on a vegetable had me completely intrigued. So there you go. I added cinnamon but I don't know how much I should have added.

And lastly a random shot of what I was listening to today. I do not get sick of this song for some reason. I do not understand it or follow the lyrics but it's cool.

Well that's it for now :-) I am going on holidays shortly so I will be taking a little break over Xmas but I haven't figured out when exactly. I hope you all had an awesome weekend and I will see you next time!

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Write by: Dj Donk - Monday, December 12, 2011

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