Purple Starry Nights nail art tutorial!

Hello everyone! I was in a purple mood and decided to play with my purple polishes to create an all OPI nail art - purple starry nights:

The base polish is Lincoln Park After Dark and can you believe I have never used this polish before? It has been sitting on my OPI rack for over a year now, untouched! I actually had to get my boyfriend to open the bottle because it would NOT budge. Anyway, to create this look I picked some some nice cream purples out from my OPI rack:

Left to right we have Lincoln Park After Dark, Funky Dunkey, Planks A Lot, Rumple's Wiggin' and Alpine Snow. I decided to put to rest my trusty China Glaze Snow until I can figure out how to 'ungloopify' it :P

As usual I started off with the thumb and an idea in mind. If we have succcess, I continue onto the other nails :-) The first step was to add a base coat of Lincoln Park After Dark (2 or 3 coats). It's a deep wine colour and a little bit glossy - I can't believe I haven't worn it before. It is gorgeous.

Using a fan shaped nail art brush, I painted onto the brush the next darkest colour - Funky Dunkey from the OPI Shrek Collection. Then I carefully brushed streaks of colour onto each finger, which ends up looking spikey due to the nail polish separating the brush into big strands.

I cleaned the fan brush and painted the next colour onto it and that was Planks A Lot from the OPI Pirates Collection earlier this year. You can see the gradient start to form.

Again, cleaned the brush and painted on the lightest colour, Rumple's Wiggin' another purple from the OPI Shrek Collection.

Time for decorating! I took my usual small nail art brush and carefully drew crescent moons with Alpine Snow, and went over them again to get them nice and bright.

Next I just added random dots for stars and a few 'shining' stars.

Last step was to add a top coat and we're all done!

I hope you enjoyed this look, it's not often I manage to use only one brand! I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend and I will see you all next time :-)

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Write by: Dj Donk - Saturday, July 30, 2011

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