OPI Texas Collection, some more swatches!

Yesterday I posted swatches for the OPI Texas lil shooters lacquers set and mentioned that I picked up two more polishes from the collection - Too Hot Pink To Hold Em and It's Totally Fort Worth It:

So I picked up it's totally fort worth it because it had this subtle purple shimmer that I couldn't resist. You can sort of see it if you view the full size of this flash swatch:

Bit disappointing. I feel like this one suffers the Chanel Paradoxal trick where it's prettier in the bottle. Daylight shot below (3 coats).

After I took these photos I put about 5-6 coats total on to try and bring out the purple more, but it didn't work :-P Ok I really want to show you this purple shimmer that made me buy this polish. Insert crappy lowlight iPhone shot :-D This is what I saw in the shops:

If only it was more purple on the nails. Sigh. It does show a subtle shimmer but I wanted more. Let's move on to Too Hot Pink To Hold Em, one of the sorbet finish polishes:

I like this one better than do you think I'm tex-y. It's brighter and more in your face. Now these swatches look red but I assure you it's in the pink spectrum :-/ Natural light shot below. About 4 coats I believe because I like mine less sheer.

These sorbet polishes have a super shiny finish and I quite like it! Flash shot below.

I'm kinda tempted to get one more sorbet polish from the collection but I shall try and restrain myself... I kinda really want the pink and purple sorbet ones. Well I hope this helps you choose what colours you want to buy from the Texas collection. I feel this is one of those collections where you definitely need to see swatches first! Until next swatch...

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Write by: Dj Donk - Saturday, February 5, 2011

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