By Terry Or de Rose Baume Precieux

I love my By Terry Baume de Rose lip balm. It's so moisturizing, smells divine and the frosted glass bottle is just too cute. When I saw the shimmery gloss like version, of course I had to have it.

Not only is this said to "rejuvenate and redefine lips" it also contains 24-carat pink gold with a blend of 26 anti-ageing ingredients. Hold it. Anti ageing? Pfft, you don't need this for anti ageing, you need this because it's one of the most deluxe lip balm / glosses you'll ever find! Ok you could go for a cheaper korres lip balm if you really don't like the rose scent but I find korres to be very over powering. Too strong for my big sensitive nose :-) This and Baume de Rose is delicate and soft and oh so moisturizing. I use Baume de Rose before bed and Or de Rose Baume Precieux during the day:

As you can see the Baume Precieux does not come in a frosted glass container but I imagine that is so you can be continually captivated by the pretty pink gold you see inside:

The shimmer of baume precieux is noticeable on the lips but doesn't look obnoxious like some lip glosses I won't mention :-P I've been using my By Terry baume de rose before bed for months and it's still going strong if you're needing help in the justification department :-P At 110AUD each, these products are ridiculously expensive for a lip balm but it's the grand-deluxe-mother-of-all lip balms. However if you know of more out there, please tell me I'd love to try ;-)
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Write by: Dj Donk - Tuesday, August 3, 2010

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